What is the GuardianCoin?

The GuardianCoin Network has been designed to be the world’s first truly secure and scalable 3rd Generation Blockchain and has been designed to ensure the privacy of transactions, the security of holdings and the anonymity of payments and messages at scale.

Historically, by their very design, existing cryptocurrencies and current blockchain architectures offer poor privacy through their public ledgers and promise anonymity but still trend towards transparency, and trade deeper security for wider adoption.

A radically secure blockchain solution - formed as a cryptographic distributed network to which anonymous users connect, with a twin-engine security overwatch – the GuardianCoin Network will be able to interface with any blockchain, cryptocurrency or other distributed ledger system that supports multi-signature transactions and/or contracts. 


The GuardianCoin Protocol combines the flexibility, scalability, and speed of leading-edge 3rd generation blockchain technology with the proven end-to-end encryption protocols of its founders, who specialize in Government-Grade cryptography, secure communication, and analytics.

A Secure Hard Fork of EOS with

Government-Grade Encryption and Anonymity










Compare GuardianCoin

The GuardianCoin Network has been developed as a secure fork of EOS, which offers true scalability and the ability to support hundreds of thousands of transactions per second (tps).


Scalability combined with security is a significant differentiator between GuardianCoin and non-3rd Generation blockchains.


GuardianProtocol Components



The GuardianProtocol Network is a distributed system conceived to allow transactions with government-grade privacy and security. This is achieved by a network of distributed trusted proxies. Each Proxy Server serves the

role of a gateway, masking any number of anonymous clients while appearing as a normal user on the blockchain network.



GuardianProtocol Messaging provides fully decentralized, anonymized and encrypted messaging between participants with same levels of encryption that financial institutions and governments require but engineered it into a decentralized blockchain.



The GuardianProtocol Wallet is the hub for each account holder to send and receive payments of GuardianProtocol tokens and in due course other cryptocurrencies, as well as messages with attachments knowing that at all times they are anonymous, encrypted and secure.



The entire GuardianProtocol ecosystem will be monitored by an overwatch capability combining big data analytics, intelligent

learning and comprehensive vulnerability assessment to ensure any risks from security vulnerabilities are effectively mitigated.


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GuardianCoin is coming but good things take time and we want to make sure its right before we say too much... Watch this space. 



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Any public offering by GCI of securities within the United States will be by means of a prospectus that may be obtained by GCI that will contain detailed information about GCI and management, as well as financial statements.


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