Guardian Coin Features

Guardian Network

Guardian Coin is a true 3rd Generation blockchain with the transaction speed that the market will become to demand, with security fundamentally built into the core. This is the Guardian Coin, an anonymous, encrypted, security-enhanced blockchain built on EOS.

Guardian Network

A network of Proxy Servers masking any number of anonymous clients, while appearing as a normal user on the blockchain network. The proxy’s users are hidden in this anonymous network and receive copies of blockchain traffic destined to its ledger identity. This is done via the internal Guardian Messaging system, which allows Guardian users to securely and anonymously interact with the blockchain.

Guardian Messaging

Utilizing the Guardian Coin blockchain protocol, Guardian Messaging provides fully decentralized, anonymized and encrypted messaging. Further, it will be possible able to send attachments across this network and to provide voice calling capabilities as well. 


The Guardian Wallet will be a hub for each account holder to send and receive payments of Guardian Coins, and in due course other Crypto Currencies

The Guardian Wallet will leverage the encryption platform sold into the most secure government agencies today, 

Guardian Overwatch

The entire Guardian Coin ecosystem will be monitored by an over-watch capability combining big data analytics, intelligent learning and comprehensive vulnerability assessment to ensure any risks introduced by vulnerabilities are effectively mitigated.